Run The Alps

Our goal is to find the absolute best trail running experiences in Switzerland.  Away from the crowds, in high Alp villages, we’ll seek out those runs that are a bit quieter, a bit wilder, and bring together the very best Switzerland has to offer.

Whether a one-hour jaunt to a local hut or an all-day adventure over ridges, peaks and pastures, Run the Alps offers organized and self-guided tours through some of the most dramatic scenery anywhere on earth.

The Swiss Alps are also internationally-known for some of the most exciting trail races, anywhere. Interested in checking one out? There’s a trail race every weekend, from May through October.  From Sierre-Zinal to Swissalpine to Eiger Ultra to Zermatt’s Ultraks, we can help pick the event that’s right for you.

Trail running is as much about camaraderie as it is personal challenge.  We look forward to helping you plan your adventure, and hope to see you on the trail!  Join us on Facebook and sign up for our newsletter.  Share in the adventure, and get ready to run the Alps!  Click the logo below to visit our website!