The Collegiate Peaks Trail Run has been in existence since 1991.  However, in 2003, prior to the 2004 race parts of the course were closed and/or modified by the Forest Service - requiring some changes to the course design.  The course was an accurate 25 miles.  In 2016, the Forest Service/Bureau of Land Management officials re-routed a portion of  Trail 1450 (Midland Trail).  The course is now a 25.7 mile loop.  Because of this change, runners who signup for 25 miles actually run 25.7 miles and runners who signup for 50 miles will run 51.4 miles.  Due to this latest change we present records for three different distances.


Course Records-25 Mile Course*

(Beginning in 2004)
Records Updated Post 2015 Event

Course records-50 Mile Course*

(Beginning in 2004)
Records Updated Post 2015 Event

*note-Comments Regarding How Course Records are Maintained

  • Records are NOT the absolute fastest overall times.

  • Records are shown at the time they were set.

  • Using the 25 Mile course (beginning in 2004) as an example, new baselines were set in 2004. For the men overall, that baseline was set at 3:01:41. That record was then broken the nest year, 2005. That new 2005 record was not broken until 2008. However, that is not to say that the 2004 record was not beaten multiple times between 2005 and 2008.

  • The only exception is on those occasions when an existing record is broken by more than one person in the same year (e.g. 60-69 24 Miler in 2008 - when all three winners beat the new course record initially established in 2004.

  • The reason that we chose to show course records rather than straight up fastest times, is to show margins of new records as they are set. While showing outright fastest times would very much be interesting, it's not the approach that we've taken to date.

  • While we find this approach more interesting, we could also do what many other events choose to do which is to simply show only the current listing course records with no attempt to show the historic margins.

  • With that all being said, we are currently looking into producing a combined of ALL finish times from 2004 to the present. If such a list is produced, it will be included in addition to our other results compilations.