2014 Race Report

Congratulations to all participants!!!

Participants recently completed the latest running of the 25 & 50 mile Collegiate Peaks Trail Run. 

Activities started Friday afternoon, May 2, with registration & packet pickups, pre-race dinner, and pre-race meeting.  Race day started out early Saturday May 3, with runners beginning their collective adventure with a 6:30am start.   Temperatures ranging from the  low 30’s at race start to mid-70s in the afternoon combined with clear skies and mild winds to provide for great overall course conditions. Beginning and ending at an elevation of 8,000 ft, near the beautiful Arkansas River in Buena Vista, and in the heart of the central Colorado mountains, the 25-mile loop course primarily follows trails and Jeep trails along part of the old historic Midland Railroad as well as through other scenic areas north and east of town.

Participants have the option of signing up for the 25-mile course (one loop) or the 50-mile course (two loops – first clockwise, then again counter clockwise).  With a total of 3,500ft ascent delivered in each loop, the high point on the course is 9,450 above sea level!  While covering the challenging course, participants are provided some distractions by stunning views and scenery.  The course itself meanders up and down past wonderful rock formations (including passage below some great stone arches), large Ponderosa Pine groves, and interesting railroad cuts.  Throughout the course, there are spectacular views of towering, snow-covered, mountain peaks that line the western side of this narrow mountain valley – most notably, impressive Princeton, Antero, Yale, and Columbia – each one topping out over 14,000ft!  In fact, Chaffee County is home to 12 of Colorado’s 54 “14er’s”.

While Colorado continues to account for the majority of participants, this year’s event also included registrants  from California, Indiana, Kansas, New Mexico, Texas, and Utah. 

All participants deserve applause and congratulations – and all finishers deserve special applause and congratulations for your collective accomplishment!  This year again witnessed a record number of first-time participants in this event.  Even more rewarding, was the number of runner’s attempting their respective race distances for the first time – thank you for picking our race as your first! 

It is also important to note this year’s top finishers, mention some special accomplishments, and sum up this year’s results –

25-Mile Results Summary:  Top three overall male finishers were Brad Seng (age 44, Boulder, CO) 3:05:03, Frank Pipp (age 36, Longmont, CO) 3:24:39, and Kevin Labus (age 25, Fort Collins, CO) 3:30:23.  Top three overall female finishers were Stevie Kremer, (age 30, Crested Butte, CO) 3:06:30, Maria Petzold (age 32, Boulder, CO) 3:46:15, and  Amy Joyce (age 29, Boulder, CO) 3:49:05.  Kremer’s time was also the day’s second overall fastest time and  fastest Women’s time ever – with the fastest time also set by her, in 
2012 – 3:03:27.  Randi Young (age 61, South Fork, CO) set a new Women’s 60-69 record at 4:58:32 – shaving over 16 minutes off the prior Age Group record.  Margrit Trenker, (age 70, Manitou Springs, CO) established a Women’s Age 70+ record at 5:53:54 by being the first female in that age group to finish the race – well done! 191 registered 25 Miler runners toed the line at the start.  Of 
those 191 runners, 182 finished – with 9 DNFs.  In addition to those 182 finishers, 35 runners who started out as 50 Milers were allowed to finish, and be counted, as 25 Milers – for a final finishing number of 217 25 Milers. 

50-Mile Results Summary:  Top three overall male finishers were Dane Mitchell  (age 36, Loveland, CO) 6:50:19, Jonathan Clinthorne (age 27, Lakewood, CO) 7:17:58, and Jesse Rickert (age 42, Gunnison, CO) 7:35:06.  Top three overall female finishers were Leila Degrave (age 36, Evergreen, CO) 8:32:40, Diana Finkel (age 42, South Fork, CO) 8:37:05, and Courtney Dauwalter (age 29, Denver, 
CO) 8:57:24.  Patrick O’Neil (age 50, Crested Butte, CO) set a new Men’s 50-59 record and finished 5th Overall at 7:52:22 – cutting 18 minutes off the prior Age Group record.  114 registered 50 Milers took off from the starting line.  With the 35 who finished as 25 Milers and 15 DNFs, there were just 64 official 50 Miler finishers. 

Burke Kaiser
Race Director - CPTR