2013 Race Report

Congratulations to all participants!!!

Based upon reports from you all as well as from our volunteers, this year’s event, seems to have been another great success.

The weather for the CPTR can and often is quite unpredictable & fickle.  On the “wetter”, “colder“, “more interesting” end of the range, there were the 3-4FT snow dumps seen in 1999 and then again in 2001.  On the warmer, drier, spectacular-views end of the spectrum, we’ve had spectacular days - well, day’s like we enjoyed this year! Temperature at race start was about 28º - but the day warmed quickly under clear, blue, skies, to the upper 50’s by afternoon.  Winds remained primarily light – just enough to cool folks under those sunny skies – particularly the 50 milers enjoying their second loops throughout the afternoon.  While a handful of 50 milers experienced incoming clouds, falling temperatures, and some very light showers at the end of the day & over the last few miles, most seemed to welcome the changes.  For those at the finish line area, folks reclined in the grass most of the day listened to background music, and cheered those crossing the finish line!  

As was the case the last couple of years, this year’s level of registrations was ”tied” for largest in this event’s history.  It was also great to again see 1) so many first timers to our event (as high as ever ) and 2) the number of folks who indicated that they were tackling their respective distances for the first time.  Thank you all, especially, for choosing our race as your first!  As always, based upon recognized names and my own visits with folks throughout Friday afternoon and in the Pre Race Meeting, there appeared to be a wonderful cross section of runners – including seasoned, competitive runners across the board to those nervous, perhaps less experienced, first timers. It’s a mix that we’ve enjoyed seeing each year of this event’s history – and a mix that we very much appreciate.  Bottom line, “GREAT VIBE”. 

While all results and records can be seen on other pages of this web site, and while all results are truly remarkable, it’s fund to mention a few highlights…. 

25-Mile Results Summary:  Top three overall male finishers were Logan Ott (age 24, Mancos, CO) 3:00:08, Matt Thrasher (age 29, Castle Rock, CO) 3:02:47, and Kelly Mortenson (age 42, Saint Paul, MN) 3:11:05.  Top three overall female finishers were Kara Henry, (age 28, Boulder, CO) 3:29:55, Hillary Allen (age 24, Denver, CO) 3:45:53, and Shannon Meredith (age 42, Colorado Springs, CO) 3:50:30. 

50-Mile Results Summary:  Top three overall male finishers were Lars Kjerengtoen (age 33, Castle Rock, CO) 7:01:07, Duncan Callahan (age 30, Gunnison, CO) 7:12:50, and Jake Lawrence (age 31, Albuquerque, NM) 7:35:36.  Top three overall female finishers were Leila Degrave (age 35, Evergreen, CO) 8:01:27, Rhonda Claridge (age 45, Ophir, CO) 8:01:44, and Kaija Staley (age 37, Golden, CO) 8:33:39. 

In addition, to these winning times, a few other records and /or milestones were marked at this year’s event.  In the 25 Mile race, Bill Faulkner (age 70, Broomfield, CO) set a New Course Record for Men 70-79 by running 5:05:24 – breaking the previous course age-group record of 5:20:30 set in 2009.  In this year’s 50 Mile race, Rhonda Claridge’s second place finish time (above) was also fast enough to set a new course record for Women 40-49 – breaking the previous age-group record of 8:07:23 set in 2007. 

Finally, we are anticipating & looking forward to adding a new Age Group to our Finish Board at next year’s race.  One of our local runners, John Sturtevant (Salida), who completed our 25 Mile course once again this year at age 79, reportedly fully plans to be back next year after turning 80. Inspiring !! 

As remarked above, in the end, you are ALL to be congratulated – regardless of “Place” or “Time”.  Training and participation in the event are what you should take pride and satisfaction in!  And we thank you for supporting our event – and thereby, in turn, assisting us in supporting the needs of the youth in our community. 

Hope to see everyone again next year – and bring your friends along!  In the meantime, see you on the trails. 

Burke Kaiser
Race Director - CPTR