2012 Race Report

Congratulations to all participants!!!

Based upon reports from you all as well as from our volunteers, this year’s event,  seems to have been another great success. 

The weather for the CPTR can and often is quite unpredictable & fickle.  On the “wetter”, “colder“, “more interesting” end of the range, there were the 3-4FT snow dumps seen in 1999 and then again in 2001.  On the warmer, drier, spectacular-views end of the spectrum, we’ve had spectacular days - well, day’s like we enjoyed this year!  Temperatures started in the low 30’s and warmed quickly under clear, blue skies, to the upper 60’s to low- 70’s by afternoon.  Winds remained primarily light – just enough to cool folks under those sunny skies – particularly the 50 milers enjoying their second loops throughout the afternoon.  For those at the finish line area, folks reclined in the grass, listened to music, and cheered those crossing the finish line!    

As was the case the last couple of years, this year’s level of registrations was ”tied” for largest in this event’s history.  It was also great to again see 1) so many first timers to our event (as high as ever ) and 2) the number of folks who indicated that they were tackling their respective distances for the first time.  Thank you all, especially, for choosing our race as your first !  As always, based upon recognized names and my own visits with folks throughout Friday afternoon and in the Pre Race Meeting, there appeared to be a wonderful cross section of runners – including seasoned, competitive runners across the board to those nervous, perhaps less experienced, first timers.  It’s a mix that we’ve enjoyed seeing each year of this event’s history – and a mix that we very much appreciate.

While all results and records can be seen on other pages of this web site, and while all results are truly remarkable, it’s fund to mention a few highlights….  

25-Mile Results Summary:  Top three overall male finishers were Josh Arthur (age 25, Crested Butte, CO) with a NewCourse Rrecord time of 2:48:09, Zachary Martin (age 24, Boulder, CO) 3:22:07, and Robert Woerne (age 47, Grand Junction, CO) 3:27:08.  Top three overall female finishers were Stevie Kremer, (age 28, Crested Butte, CO) with a blistering new course record and second overall time of 3:03:27, Gina Lucrezi (age 29, Carbondale, CO) 3:33:14, and Deborah Davies (age 38, Idaho Springs, CO) repeating in the spot from last year with 3:34:08.

50-Mile Results Summary:  Top three overall male finishers were Marshall Thomson  (age 33, Crested Butte, CO) with a  New Course Record time of  6:35:28 (besting the blistering course record set in 2011 by Ryan Burch’s 6:37:10 - which in turn bested Tony’s Krupicka’s 2007 time of 6:53:18 and then Andy Henshaw’s 2010 time of 6:52:05), David Ruttum (age 33, Vail, CO) 7:01:49, and William Scott (age 41, Greenwood Village, CO) 7:15:02.  Top three overall female finishers were Alyssa Wildeboer (age 33, Winter Park, CO) 8:00:58, Becky Wheeler (age 37, Casper, WY) 8:10:45, and Rhonda Claridge (age 44, Telluride, CO) 8:23:26.

In addition, to these winning times and course records, a few other record and /or milestones were marked at this year’s event.  In the 25 Mile race, Ed Terrell (age 62, Boulder, CO) set a New Course Record for Men 60-69 by running 4:07:49 – breaking the old course record of 4:26:28 set in 2005;  Nathan Ruiter (age 16, and local Buena Vistan) set a new Course Record  for Men Under 20 with a time of 4:51:49.  In this year’s 50 Mile (Men 60-69) race, both Steve Pero (age 60, Jimenz Springs, NM) and Roger Jensen (age 61, Pagosa Springs, CO) broke the existing age group record time of 10:59:09 by posting respective times of 10:08:24 and 10:09:48!  And, finally, in the 50 Mile Race, Parks Williams (age 70, Colorado Springs, CO), with a time of 11:29:32 (more than 30 minutes ahead of final cutoff) is thought to be the first person  age 70 or over to finish the 50 mile course – certainly beginning with the 2004 race and very possibly going back to 1991. 

As remarked above, in the end, you are ALL to be congratulated – regardless of “Place” or “Time”.  Training and participation in the event are what you should take pride and satisfaction in!  And we thank you for supporting our event – and thereby, in turn, assisting us in supporting the needs of the youth in our community.

Hope to see everyone again next year – and bring your friends along!  In the meantime, see you on the trails.

Burke Kaiser
Race Director - CPTR