2009 Race Report

Congratulations to all participants!!!

Based upon reports from you all as well as from our volunteers, this year’s event, it’s 20th year and 19th running, seems to have been another success in what we sure hope is a great, continuing history. 

The weather for the CPTR can be and often is quite unpredictable & fickle – ranging from 3-4FT snow dumps (1999 and 2001) to warm and quite sunny race days (many years).  This year the weather was a nice, runner-friendly, mix.  Temperature at race start was in the upper 30s – with mainly calm winds.  While temperatures in town rose to upper 50s by mid-afternoon, skies remained mainly overcast.  Precipitation was quite light – very light sprinkles and ‘misting’ to keep folks cool without impacting course surface. 

2004 set the baseline for the overall and age-group results on the new course.  Depending on how you count, this year witnessed between 12 and 14 new records.  That is in two instances, existing age-group records were bested by both the 1st and 2nd place 2009 runners.  While all new records can be seen on the Race Records page, kind of fun to mention a few here. 

25 Mile Race:  It is believed that for the very first time, we had two runners under the age of 20 compete in the event.  Both Andy O’Grady (19) of Littleton, CO and Andrew Pyburn (19) of Bailey, CO completed the 25 Mile course – with Andy O’Grady’s time of 4:58:54 setting the baseline record for this age group – way to go guys! For the women, Keri Nelson and Kelli Lusk took 1st and 2nd Women’s Overall – each breaking the existing course record – nicely done ladies!. 

50 Mile Race: Eric Hodges of Ridgeway, CO surpassed the previous record for Men 60-69 by an impressive 20 minutes – well done!. Sharon Kuhn surpassed the previous record for Women 50-59 by an impressive 45 minutes – also very well done! 

In the end, you are ALL to be congratulated – regardless of “Place” or “Time”.  Training and participating in the event are what you should take pride and satisfaction in!  And we thank you for supporting our event – and thereby, in turn, assisting us in supporting the needs of the youth in our community.  Hope to see everyone again next year – and bring your friends along! In the meantime, see you on the trails.

Burke Kaiser
Race Director - CPTR