Pre-Race Welcome and Orientation

A pre-race meeting will be held Friday, May 3, 2019 at 6:30 pm at the Community Center.  In addition to the traditional welcoming to participants and their families and friends, this is a time for going over final reminders/last minute changes, reviewing course descriptions/conditions, and the fielding of any questions you may have.  These meetings are both fun and informational.  We look forward to seeing you all!

Packet And Bib Number Pick-Up

You can pick up packet and bib numbers at the Community Center on Friday, May 3, 2019 from 4:30-6:30 pm or on Race Day Saturday, May 4, 2019 from 5:30-6:10 am.


In general, there is ample parking in and around the Community Center.  There will be open parking on Friday.  However, on Saturday morning, volunteers will be on hand to direct you to appropriate spaces.  Please look for them and follow their directions.  Parking spaces at the Community Center, towards the river, will be reserved for the 50-milers.  These spaces are best situated to allow for easy access by the 50-milers to their cars for re-supplying, changing clothes, etc..

Race Rules

Maybe "icky", but there are some rules that are intended to ensure a safe, beneficial, and enjoyable experience for everyone.  In general, it is our intent that all runners operate under their own efforts without outside aid (other than that provided by race volunteers through the official aid stations).

Crews, bicycles, pacers, supply "stashing," "mechanical" assistance (e.g., trekking poles…), and other forms of assistance are strictly prohibited.  (See one exception below).  There are no provisions for drop bags via aid stations on the course.  We advise all runners to carry extra food, water, and warm clothing.  While this is the "Banana Belt," conditions on Race Day can be, and often are, "iffy" and ever-changing.  In addition, while even the race director loves nothing better than running our local trails with his dogs, it is the case that dogs (and all pets/companions) are strictly prohibited from the race.

Violations of these rules may be cause for a respective runner being DQ’d. 

There are two notable exceptions to prohibitions against aid/assistance that apply to the 50-milers. They may take assistance at the halfway/turnaround point where they may access their own drop bags, receive help in re-supplying, changing clothes, etc. In addition, trekking poles will be permitted for 50 milers only and only on their second loop.

Race volunteers will be directing traffic on the morning of the race.  50 milers will be directed to a special area most conducive to their needs.  All attendees please follow volunteer or posted parking directives.


Start/Finish Line

The start/finish line is at the Buena Vista Community Center.  At the stoplight, turn east off of Hwy 24 onto E. Main Street.  Go about ½ mile east and look for the Community Center on your right.   Note:  The entrance to the Community Center is on S. Main St.

Each runner must be at the starting line by 6:15 am wearing their bib race number.  The race will start promptly at 6:30 am.

Cutoff Times

Aid stations will close at cutoff times and official race support will be discontinued for that corresponding section of the course.  While cutoff times are designed primarily with the 50-milers in mind, information is provided below from perspective of the 25-milers as well.

2018-Cutoff Times-Change.jpg

*Times subject to change at sole discretion/judgment of race personnel

Note:  Aid Station mile markers may change due to Forest Service/Bureau of Land Management course changes (see Race Course Distance and Time section) and will be discussed at the pre-race meeting.


To finish, runners simply cross the finish line pausing just long enough to collect finish medallion and for volunteers to record time.  50 milers turning around for the second loop will be directed by volunteers at the finish line area around a specific station.  We ask that if you want to access your cars or have other needs at this point (bathroom break, etc.), that you step off the course PRIOR TO making the turn.  This is requested for two reasons.  First, it helps avoid interruptions in runner traffic; and secondly, for safety reasons, it helps our volunteers track the 50 milers who will be on their second loop.


Hot pay-showers are available at the Community Center.  Showers only take quarters.   As there are no change machines in or near the Community Center, please bring a supply if you think you might want to take advantage of the showers.  

Post-Race Meal

Post-race meals, included in your base entry fee, can be obtained at the Community Center kitchen by presenting your bib race number.  These meals normally include a submarine sandwich or wrap, choice of chips, and a drink (soda or water).  Also, for those of you finishing before lunches are available and/or for those of you not quite ready for your meal, we usually have an assortment of other snacks and drinks available (e.g., PB&J sandwich squares, apple wedges, ice water, energy drinks, etc.).  Signs and directions will be provided but all food and drink will be inside the Community Center.  Please note, all food and drinks are provided solely for the runners.

Annual Beer Garden!

CPTR is teaming up with hometown Eddyline Brewery by providing a tasty beer garden.  They will be offering delicious brews to soothe runners' post-race aches and pains and to help friends and family pass the time while waiting your finish line crossings!   Two single-serving drink tickets will be included in each registration packet with additional cash purchases available as well.

Awards and Extras

Each finisher will receive an engraved finishing medal and post-race refreshments.  There will be awards for overall male and female winners as well as certificates for age group winners.  Age groups are in even 10 year divisions.  The 25 mile awards ceremony is tentatively scheduled for 11:45 am.  The first of two 50 mile awards ceremonies will begin at approximately 3:00 pm and the second one beginning at approximately 5:30 pm.

Lost and Found

Race personnel take no responsibility for retaining lost and found items.  However, from time to time items do end up in our care.  So, in the event that you believe you inadvertently left something of value behind in or around the community center, please contact us with a detailed description of that item.

Contact Lost and found