The Collegiate Peaks Trail Run takes place in Buena Vista, Colorado and offers two race distance options - 25 miles and 50 miles.  However, in 2016, the Forest Service/Bureau of Land Management officials re-routed a portion of  Trail 1450 (Midland Trail).  The course is now a 25.7 mile loop.  Because of this change, runners who signup for 25 miles will actually run 25.7 miles and runners who signup for 50 miles will actually run 51.4 miles.

The race was established in 1991 and provides a significant challenge of not only time but also physical and mental stamina.  Beginning and ending near the Arkansas River in Buena Vista, the course primarily follows single-track and jeep trails along part of the old historic Midland Railroad as well as through other scenic areas north and east of town.  Encompassing great scenery and spectacular views, much of the course runs through lands managed by the National Forest Service and/or Bureau of Land Management.  25-milers do the loop once (clockwise) and the 50-milers do it twice (the second time around, counterclockwise).  The course starts at nearly 8,000 feet above sea level and is an up-and-down course with over 3,500 feet in elevation gain/drop on each loop!

Note:  All information is subject to change at the sole discretion of the Race Director.  However, every attempt will be made to make these changes prior to the opening of registration. 

New in 2019

Trekking poles will be permitted for 50 milers only and only on their second loop (see race rules).


The race is sponsored by the Buena Vista Optimist Club and benefits the youth of our community.  Club members volunteer many hours both on Race Day as well as weeks and months of preparation leading up to the big day.  However, the race also relies on the help and support from many other individuals and groups throughout our community.  With all of that said, it remains the case that there’s always a need for additional volunteers particularly on Race Day.  If you are coming to town to support your runner on Race Day and would like to volunteer, click on the link below.